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Stacy Morgan


I didn’t even know what electrolysis was until my Dad’s transition. After several sessions my Dad soon developed a dream of owning her electrolysis business as a retirement gig. The natural question that followed was, “When I start my own studio, would you work for me?”

About Stacy

Always wanting to support my family, I agreed even though retirement was a long, long way away. But this small step led to very exciting conversations with Kelly. From this point I was hooked, excited, and enrolled in electrolysis school. After school Kelly took me under her wing. I have learned so much and really had a chance to grow as an electrologist. It has been wonderful to help others progress in their transitions and I know my Dad is very proud of me.

Certifications & Qualifications
After attending school at A Accurate I became a licensed electrologist in October of 2011, and received my CPE certification in 2013. Being a member of the American Electrology Association has kept me in a world of learning and growing to become a better technician. I must admit, I’ve been very lucky to work with many talented technicians who have helped me grow in my profession. In addition to electrology I did my Yoga Teacher Training in the Spring of 2023. That has been a wonderful compliment to my work in electrolysis. I find yoga to be an essential part of taking care of myself, so I can take care of my clients.

Many people are surprised when I share that I have been an electrologist for over a decade. During these years I have been very involved with the Electrology Association of Illinois, I have volunteered my time as secretary, vice president, and editor for Electrology Illinois. I think education is important for any craft, which was why I was very excited to be a founder of the Illinois Dedicated Electrology Academy. I am thrilled there is a school where new electrologists can get a good foundation to start their journeys, and I enjoy that I still get to participate as a substitute teacher on occasion.

Fun Stuff
When I’m not in the office I’m out looking for new experiences. I have been very fortunate that I get to discover and explore many wonderful parts of the world and try all sorts of new hobbies. Lately I have been enjoying a lot of yoga, circus classes (acro and lyra), swing dancing, rock climbing, and love getting a nice hike when the weather cooperates. This busy-body life also makes me appreciate slowing down for some meditation or a nice cup of tea while I read a book. I love sci-fi and fantasy genres in all forms of media. Getting to connect with new people and share stories is one of my favorite past times, so come on in and chat while getting some electrolysis in.

Electrolysis Rates

15 mins - $55
20 mins - $60
30 mins - $85
45 mins - $125
60 mins - $160
2+ hours - $140 per hour          

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